Why I thought about making my own lilac essential oil…

So, lately I have been obsessed with the lilac flowers, why? Cause it’s freakin everywhere. How can you not notice when somethings just everywhere?!

So, after taking a thousand pictures of and with these lilacs, it came to me that, nah! Manh! This flower can’t be that useless. So, I googled everything I could about this flower and it’s uses.

And this is what I found…

1. Lilacs have aromatherapeutic qualities, which help with depression and anxiety problems.

2. Secondly, it fights stomach bacteria’s, fungal and intestinal worms.

3. Third and most importantly, SKINCARE, lilac oils are known for skin tightening & healing. It clears up skin, heals wounds & cuts faster and leaves us with a clear glowing skin.

So, usually to make lilac infused essence oils, the flowers and leaves are steamed, but just to make it safer and more stable, I tried this different method

It goes something like this

All you need is fresh lilac flowers, olive or grapevine oil, strainer and a pan.

Then, heat up the Pan on low flame and add the flowers and oil.

Let them boil for almost 3-4 hrs in the oil, this allows all the flower properties to infuse in olive oil.

Lastly, strain the oil into a mason jar or any other preferably dark containers, and store it in a dry place.

This oil is ready to use, but be sure you test it before using it in a big amount.

Also, try doing this with different oils that don’t have strong smells, cause mine smells like a bad version of flowerishh olive oil. LOL!

P.S.: please check if you are allergic to lilacs tho, cause it can be very harmful if you are allergic.

Good luck making your own! You can even try different flowers!

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